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24 February 2024
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Churchyard Headstones
01 June 2013
If you visit the churchyard, over the coming weeks, youíll notice that some headstones have had notices attached to them, and you will see that a few have been laid down.
The reason for this is that though the PCC is responsible for the churchyard and its safety, they are not responsible for the maintenance of the individual headstones.

To keep the churchyard safe for its visitors, the PCC have undertaken a survey of the headstones, and their condition. A number of the lager historic headstones will have to be dealt with, due to their sheer size and potential danger.

In the case of the smaller headstones, the PCC has placed notices on the stones to advise visiting relatives of their potential danger, and asking that they look to having the problem rectified by a monumental mason. If they are not rectified in the required time, we will have to lay them down to prevent possible danger to visitors.

We have laid down a few of the more seriously unstable stones, in the hope that relatives can make arrangements for them to be securely re-sited.
We have only taken this action where the stones are considered to pose a possible danger to visitors, particularly children, if accidentally leant on.

We sincerely hope that those relatives, and friends, visiting the graves will understand that we have visitorís safety at heart, and have only taken action where we feel there could be a potential risk.